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Adult psychiatry and child psychiatry doctors – Sweden (South)

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Brains Consulting is recruiting for his client from Sweden Adult Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry doctors for various clinics!

Description of activity’s goal

Triple goals: Each measure, decision and meeting is aimed at improving mental health, a good meeting and that it has to take place within existing financial frameworks. Good accessibility, safe and equal care, in-volvement of users, efficient processes, sustainable environmental development, constant development, cost-effectiveness, concerned and competent employees who enjoy their work, good working environment. All are aimed to have satisfied patients who turn to the clinic if necessary./

Description of the clinics

1) The clinic from Eksjö

The clinic's main body is located in Eksjö with reception in Eksjö, Tranås, Vetlanda and Nässjö and for BUP (Child-and Adolescent Psychiatry) in Nässjö. In Eksjö there are two general psychiatric emergency care ser-vices (15 + 15 care places), a Remiss and Assessment Unit and a psychiatric emergency department (open 8-16 every day) approximately 37,000 visits, of which 5,500 BUP visits, 660 placings with average duration of 15 days. County resourses (emergency reception, PIVA, addiction etc.) are located in Jönköping.


Appr. 150 employees, of which 20 within BUP (for Adult Psychiatry: 5 trainees, 12 specialists, 55 nurses, 9 psychologists, 5 welfare officers, 5 work-therapists, 18 healthcare administers.

2) The clinic from Jönköping   (Adult psychiatry)

The clinic has all the different psychiatric specialties, general psychiatry (4 outpatient teams and 2 general psychiatric departments with a linked Remiss and Assessment Unit, 1 specific psychosis care department and 4 outpatient teams and an investigation team for newly diagnosed psychiatric patients, 1 addiction depart-ment and 1 outpatient care, Psychiatric intensive care, Forensic psychiatric department and connected out-patient care, as well as emergency care (open 24-7). Altogether we have 92 care places. We also have an investigation team for neuropsychiatric functional disability and a psychiatric work rehabilitation unit focus-ing on the investigation and rehabilitation of persons with mental illness approximately 56,000 visits, 2 900 placings with average care periods 4.5-78 days.


At he clinic there works 398 employees. Currently we have 9 trainees, 12 specialists. We work based on teams where teams consists of nurses, carers, work-therapists working together.

3) The clinic from  Jönköping  (Child psychiatry)

At the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, Jönköping, there is an outpatient reception with two subspe-cialized teams focused on psychiatric functional disability respectively mental sjukdomar, a county-wide in-patient department with 4 places and a county-wide anorexia unit with day care. We have a psychiatric emergency reception during the day. About 10,000 visits. 125 placings.


Totally appr. 50-55 employees, 3-5 specialists, 3 trainees, 13 nurses, 10 carers, 9 psychologists, 4 welfare officers, 1 work-therapist, 1 pedagogist, 8 healthcare-administers.

4) The Psychiatric clinic from Värnamo

The clinic  of adult psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatric reception. Adult psychiatry consists of a healthcare department (18 places of care), an emergency and addiction reception, an investigation and treatment reception, a psychosis-reception and daycare with a branch in Gislaved. On-call reception weekdays 8-16. A total of approximately 135 employees, approximately 25,000 visits, of which 4 500 BUP visits, 450 placings with average duration of 13 days. County-resources (emergen-cy reception, PIVA, dependent etc.) are located in Jönköping.


Appr. 135 employees, of which 20 within BUP and 14 healthcare-administers.

VUP: the goal is to have 11 head-physician. Currently there are 6 ones and 2 trainees, appr. 8 psychologists, 8 welfare-officers, 26 nurses, 10 carers, work-therapists, physiotherapists, operation developers.

BUP: 2 head-physicians and 2 trainees, 5 psychologists, 3 welfare-officers, 3 nurses and 1 carer.

Required experience:

General psychiatry with experience in psychiatric inpatient care and psychiatric outpatient care.

Child psychiatry with experience in outpatient care and / or inpatient care.


Duty with preparedness at home, shared among the head-physicians of the clinics.

Other requirements:

Supervison is a part of the job, duty in Höglandet, Jönköping or Värnamo.

Minimal salary after the first 6 months and duty allowance

Your salary will be allocated by your competences independently of your nationality.

Specialist salaries in Sweden vary between 65 000 SEK and even 80 000 SEK/month. (1 Eur = 10 SEK)

The minimum salary during the first 6 months of your employment is gross 45 000 SEK/month, while you are waiting for your licence to practice. Then it raises to a minimum of 58.000 SEK/month, this is for freshly graduated specialist doctors, so it can be more right away depending on years of experience and other indi-vidual factors. Then it continues to raise according to your experience in the Swedish system to 65-80 000 SEK.

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If you are interested please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents to

Need more informations? Please contact Mihaela Volintiru – specialist recruiter: tel: 0040733733511, 0040356424472

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Adult psychiatry and child psychiatry doctors – Sweden (South)

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