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Personnel search and selection

Our consultants are specialists in the field and have skills and knowledge needed to conduct a minutious and detailed interview. They are supporting interviews and evaluate candidates.
We evaluate and test the candidates your request. Appointed consultant will assist you during the final interviews.

Methods for staff searching:

Stages of recruitment:

  • We design the job profile;
  • Identify appropriate recruitment methods;
  • Draw the candidates;
  • Select CV;
  • Contact potential candidates;
  • Evaluate candidates interviewed;
  • Check references of candidates selected for the shortlist;
  • We make detailed assessment reports;
  • We present the selected candidates on the shortlist.

Recruitment tools

Select the best candidates, contact them and carry a first phone conversation. In the interview we asset the level of knowledge, expertise and professional motivation through a semi-structured behavioral interview.

Check references of candidates on the shortlist.

Presentation of candidates
Before we present the final complete interview profile of each candidate on the short list. The report contains a summary of the strengths and weaknesses, informations on professional experience, a brief personal references, and inter-personal skills (personality, personal interests, etc.).
BRAINS CONSULTING consultant who coordinated the project will accompany you at the final interview with your candidates,

Reporting and presenting the candidates
We periodically inform you of the progress of the recruitment process. The result of the recruitment process will be briefly presented through a general report, within a meeting, before the final interviews.

We will present the best candidates for the job proposed, no later than 30 days from the signing of the recruitment and selection contract.

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