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Executive Search

Executive Search - a method used to identify the right people for positions of middle and top management and more specific positions (especially IT). The Quality of service is due to consultants specialization and and application of advanced methods of recruitment.

The Structure of the Executive Search Process:

  • analysis of job description and customer specific organizational environment,
  • developing an ideal candidate profile,
  • conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target segment in terms of position sought and
  • setting directions for conducting research site,
  • identify potential candidates,
  • presentation and analysis of the long list of candidates with Customer,
  • structured interviews,
  • checking references,
  • presentation of short list, setting interviews with the client, decision support,
  • feedback to candidates and Client
  • monitoring the evolution and integration of the candidate elected in the organizational environment.

Assumed terms:

  • Research Week I – II
  • Interviews Week III – IV
  • Presentation candidates (short list, report) Week V - VI

Total period of Output 5 - 6 weeks.

We test (if request) the professional skills and abilities of the suitable candidates through psychological testing, professional orientation, communication skills, teamwork and transmit test results and outline the psychological profile of each candidate material attached to the candidate on the shortlist.

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